Goshen Sarah Wells Girl Scout Service Unit

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The Sarah Wells Badge

In 1994, fifteen Junior and Cadette Girls Scouts realized how important and special Sarah Wells to their county, council and hometown.  These girls decided to honor her and her interesting life by creating and dedicating a Girl Scout badge in her name. 

To earn this particular badge, the Girl Scout must be registered in the Heart of the Hudson Council (formerly Sarah Wells Council) and must finish the badge's requirements as detailed below.  Since the "Sarah" badge is our own it may be worn on the front of your sash or vest.  Badge quanitities are limited so get working on yours today!

Brownie Level Sarah badge

Choose and complete 4 of the objectives below including the * objectives.

*1)   Learn about Sarah Wells' life and why she is an important part of this area's history.  Be sure to visit the archives room at the Goshen Library.

 2)   Learn about Sarah's journey to Goshen:  where did she come from, how did she travel, what did she take with her, how old was she and what was the purpose of her journey.

3)  Learn and do a colonial craft that Sarah might have done such as candlemaking, quilting or wool spinning or visit Museum Village where many colonial crafts are demonstrated.


Prepare a baked item similar to something Sarah might have made, such as an apple pie.

4)  Learn and sing "The Sarah Wells Song" or prepare a skit depicting her life.

5)  Visit Hillhold Museum or the Bull Stonehouse

6)  Start a "Sarah Wells Scrapbook" to carry on to your Junior and Cadette years.

Junior Level Sarah badge

Choose 6 objectives including the * objectives.

*1)   Create a family tree including three generations of Sarah's family, starting with her marriage to William Bull.  Where does Amy Bull Crist fit into the family tree and what is she known for in Orange County.  Submit your tree for display at a Leader's meeting or a Community event.

2)  In 1712, Sarah traveled from Staten Island to Goshen.  This journey took two days for Sarah to arrive at her destination.  Trace her trip on an old map.  Now trace the route you would use today and figure out how long the trip would take you.

*3)  In the early 1700's, Sarah, like many other pioneer girls, had to do many chores as daily activities which today are considered crafts.  Learn to do at least three colonial crafts.

4)  Many hours a day for the pioneer were spent preparing to eat!  They grew, hunted and cooked everything.  They did not have the luxury of supermarket shopping.  Learn to make bread using yeast or harvest apples at an orchard and make homemade applesauce or take part in a maple sugaring event or churn butter to use with your homemade bread.

5)  Put on a play depicting the activities Sarah probably performed daily.  This objective would work nicely with #3 or #4 or both.

6)  If you started a "Sarah Wells Scrapbook" as a Brownie, add what you have done and learned about Sarah Wells as a Junior.  Or, if you don't have a scrapbook, start one and share it with a Brownie or Daisy Troop.

*7)  Sarah Wells is buried at the Hamptonburg Cemetary on Sarah Wells Trail.  Visit the cemetary and do a rubbing of the monument her ancestors erected in her and her husband's honor.  Also on Sarah Wells Trail there is a marker which shows the location of Sarah's first home.  See if you can find this marker and do a rubbing of it.  OR Visit the Bull Stonehouse, the original stone home of Sarah Wells and her husband.

Cadette and Senior Level Sarah badge

Complete ALL objectives.

1)  Research and write a biography of Sarah Wells and her importance to our local history.  Include her children, age, husband and any interesting facts you may find.  Draw a portrait of what Sarah might have looked like for the cover of your report. (Helpful Hint: The archives at the Goshen Library)  Submit your report to the Community Leadership Team or share it with other troops.  This report may be an individual or group effort.

2)  Collect ten items that Sarah Wells brought with her on her journey to Goshen.  Then put together a collection of modern items used for a similar purpose for your trip if you were to take this journey.  Make a list of all the items you would need for camping and then decide which ones you would have to leave behind if you had to carry these items in a large backpack.  Fill the backpack and walk for one mile through the woods, fields and over streams imagining you were Sarah Wells on her journey in 1712.

For the following three requirements put together a pioneer day for a younger troop with the main theme revolving around Sarah Wells.

3)  Teach a younger troop a craft that would have been one of Sarah's many chores such as candlemaking, weaving, quilting or basketmaking.

4)  Sarah Wells probably spent many hours each day preparing food for meals.  Demonstrate to teach a younger troop how to make something Sarah might have made such as homemade bread, butter or pie.  OR  Include the younger troop and prepare a Thanksgiving meal for a family in need.

5)  Teach a younger troop "The Sarah Wells Song"  or prepare a play depicting the life of Sarah Wells. Either perform this play for the younger troop or include them in the play.

6)  Either continue your Sarah Wells Scrapbook from Brownie and/or Junior years or create a Sarah Wells Scrapbook.  Once completed donate it to a younger troop who needs the information for their Sarah badge.

7)  In the 1700's women wore very different attire most of which had a function.  Make a costume of what Sarah may have worn to church.  Compare today's fashions to 1700's, what is different, what is the same? OR Attend a pioneer day in full costume

8)  Visit the cemetary where Sarah Wells' monument is located.  Do grave rubbings of three of Sarah's relatives.  See if you can find how they are related. AND Visit Hillhold Museum (if you haven't visited as a Brownie or Junior) or help teach the Maypole dance to younger girls at Hillhold Museum.  AND  Visit the Bull Stonehouse, the home which Sarah Wells and her husband lived (if you haven't visited as a Brownie or Junior).  AND Describe how the homes of Sarah Wells time were different from today's homes.

9)  Find out how the Sarah Wells Council got it's name. Visit Council to see the Sarah Badge display or file.  Learn about the making of the Sarah Wells badge.

The Sarah Wells Song  "Tribute to Sarah Wells"

(Sing to the tune of "America")

Our kindred, 'tis of thee,

Fair Maid of Destiny

Of thee we sing.

'Twas Sarah Wells by name

Who to Orange County came

Ne'er dreaming that her future fame

Abroad should ring.


Dense tho these woods and drear,

She faltered not thru fear

Did will her part.

How nature wrought her spell

Lies not with us to tell

On the resultant facts we dwell

Of Cupid's art.


She married William Bull

Whose beard and heart were full

Of life's great plea.

Strong, sturdy, staunch was he

Skilled hand in masonry,

Proud of his ancestry

Old English clan.


They labored, loved and gained

A homestead, still retained

With sacred thought

See, there the structure stands

Built by their able hands

Stones from surrounding lands

In her apron brought.


Now may we emulate

Each worthy deed and trait

When duty calls

So that our progeny

Of us as proud may be

When they're relating history

Ere life's curtain falls.

__Clara Durland Bull

    August 1912