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The Annual Giving Campaign

Annual Giving for Girl Scouts


    I.   What is Annual Giving?

a.    Girl Scouts, like any other non-profit organization, depends on donations to keep things up and running.  Our Annual Giving Campaign is a fundraiser that allows us to offer financial assistance to those who need it so they can be a part of the Girl Scout movement, helps fund programs for our girls, training programs for our volunteers, and enables the offices, campsites and shops to operate within the Heart of the Hudson Council.

b.    Unrestricted funds applied toward the general operating needs of the Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson.

c.    All Annual Giving donations stay within our Council.


     II.   How is the Council Funded?

a.    Council Special Events

b.    Shop

c.    Programs

d.    Grants and United Way

e.    Fall Product Sale

f.     Cookies

g.    Investments

h.    Donations, Bequests and Endowments

i.     Annual Giving Campaign


     III.   Charity Begins at Home

a.    Before we can go to other organizations for money we need to show them  that we have support from within our own membership.  Other organizations look for about 20% of donations to come from within Girl Scouts.  Right now we are bringing in less than 10%.


     IV.   Campaign Benefits

a.    Volunteer Training

b.    Volunteer Background Checks

c.    Camp Maintenance

d.    4 Regional Program Centers/Offices

e.    Maintain and operate 19 properties

f.     Financial Assistance

g.    Insurance

h.    4 Girl Scout Shops including online shop

i.     Lifetime Membership for Gold Award Recipients

j.     Web Site

k.    Publications –Connections (printing costs)


     V.   Donations

a.    Many companies will contribute matching gifts.  Please check the list of participating companies online.

b.    Matching Gift Form can be found online.

c.    If you receive matching gifts, PLEASE turn them in immediately.  They are Time Sensitive.

d.   The average donation is $15 per girl.

e.    All donations are 100% tax deductible.

f.     Ask parents to make a donation that is appropriate for their family.

g.    Send many reminders to mail the envelope.

h.    The # 1 reason why people didn't donate last year…no one asked them to.  Never hesitate to ask!


     VI.    Approach local Businesses

a.    Don’t be afraid to ask local businesses to support our cause.  Chances are most of us are giving our business to these shops on a regular basis either for Girl Scouts or personal items.  A donation of $50 will grant them a sticker for their window.  Any donation is tax deductible.